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Last night, my boyfriend treated me to a special dinner. Since we started dating, we’ve heard our friends rave about Avani, an Asian-Indian Bistro in Mississauga. We ever too often drive by since one of our friends owns a shop in that area, but never actually got to have dinner there. [NOTE: all pictures in this blog post taken with my phone camera, i.e. the quality isn’t great!]

We finally got the opportunity to check it out, and I was extremely impressed.

When we first walked in, I was taken back by the atmosphere and decor – it was gorgeous. I felt like I was in India – the brass statue at the entrance, the waterfall, the decorative carpet hung on the wall…the music and the lighting. It was perfect.

We were immediately greeted and seated. I didn’t really look at the menu, my boyfriend ordered for us.

The food was absolutely DELICIOUS. It was so good, and totally worth all the hype we’d heard about it (and the money – it was a bit on the pricey side). The food was well presented, and you could tell it was fresh and made to order!

To start, we ate Chaat Papri which it is an Indian-style (sorta!) nacho dish. There are wheat crisps smothered with chopped potato, chick peas, yogurt, chilli chutney and mint chutney. It was so pretty, I didn’t really want to eat it.

Next we had 1/2 an order of Tandoori Chicken. It was sizzling when the waitress brought it to our table and it smelled fabulous. The chicken was perfectly seasoned,  and perfectly cooked.

Our main course was Methi Murgh, with a side of Garlic Naan. Methi Murgh is chicken in a fenugreek sauce.

This was so flavourful and authentic. I loved the presentation, too, with the candle and everything to keep the dish warm.

For dessert, my boyfriend and I shared an order of Kerr. It is an Indian Rice Pudding, and it was delicious. So delicious, we ate it before we remembered to take a picture of it. So just take my word.

The portions at this place were perfect. We shared everything we ordered and had some Garlic Naan and Methi Murgh left over for lunch today. The restaurant was pricey compared to other local family-owned and operated Indian restaurants in our area, but you’re paying for the authenticity, ambiance and presentation when you eat at Avani. This may become a special occasion (ehm, my birthday) place …