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Wow, where do I start? So many things have happened since I last blogged (that is a sign that I need to blog more often, haha)…

Let me start with something that I learned yesterday: rollerblading is harder than it looks.

I was almost disappointed, when I got into the rollerblades and, at that moment, instantly regretted investing in the gear. My boyfriend could see that written all over my face, and he asked “you regret buying these, don’t you?” And all I could respond with was “No, I’m determined.”

He got the hang of things quite quickly. He had rollerbladed a little when he was younger, but it never turned into a thing for him.

I was petrified though.

Bend my knees. Activate my core. Keep my feet at 45 degree angles.
Bend my knees. Activate my core. Keep my feet at 45 degree angles.
Bend my knees. Activate my core. Keep my feet at 45 degree angles.

I kept replaying in my head the instructions that I got from a Livestrong Youtube tutorial on rollerblading:

After a few wobbly strides, I managed to rollerblade a good 4 meter stretch before sitting back down on a bench. I did that a few times and I managed to gain some confidence. We roller bladed back and forth the same stretch of sidewalk, resting in between.

The last length we did, we rollerbladed a little further into the park – to where the kids play area was. It was a little loopy (okay, who am I kidding here, it was a roundabout…). My boyfriend was holding my hand for support and as I made the turn on the last bend of the roundabout, I lost my balance and I flung backwards. And my boyfriend went flying, too.

We groaned a little, and then we started laughing. A little girl was watching us roll around painfully on the ground. She was cute.

We got up, rolled to a bench, took off the rollerblades and stretched out our legs and feet. I had packed us a picnic dinner that we went back to the car to eat. It was a really nice night.

In retrospect, my biggest fear was falling. Thinking to my childhood, I had never really fallen’. I learned to ride a bike on a tricycle, I swam and did ballet – and never really fell and scraped myself badly as a result of these activities.

Yesterday I fell. And it wasn’t that bad. And I don’t really regret buying the rollerblades. Dare I admit that I’m actually excited to go rollerblading again?

Speaking of again, do you know what I’m thinking about doing again?

I’ve been thinking really hard lately about going back to school. I think part of the reason I’ve been turned off of my job is a) that my colleagues hate me, b) there is too much politics and territorialism in research, at least in the department of the organization that I work for and c) I feel that my creativity is being restricted because it is “out of my scope of work” as a researcher.  *sigh.

I’m very passionate about nutrition and, in fact, have a very strong background in health and disease. I can take one of two routes to become a Registered Dietician (Note: not nutritionist. InCanada, registered dietician is a protected profession and is evidence based) which will ultimately qualify me for an 18-month internship and writing the Dietetics registration exam.

Route 1: Complete a community nutrition masters.
Route 2: Complete an accredited nutrition program.

If I have to do route 1, then it will have to be a full-time commitment which would mean that I wouldn’t be able to work full-time. I could pursue route 2, however, on a part time basis as a 2nd degree student (yay, transfer credits!). It is the full-time/part-time dilemma that is pushing me towards route 2. I could also speak to my immediate manager and ask her if I could take a more active role in the Healthy Eating Wellness program that we offer to patients. I’m a little bit involved in it, but not a lot and I’m hoping I could become more involved and increase my competitive edge for the dietetics internship application process.

As it stands right now, I’ve initiated contact with a local University which offers an accredited nutrition program. I’m anxious to see how things pan out.

Annnd lastly, as if going back to school isn’t a big enough decision, I am on the border of an awesome job opportunity. I can’t say much online because I don’t know if at all it will be fruitful but I’m very hopeful. I’m excited and anxious and nervous and happy and sad all at the same time about this one. I really want this opportunity but I don’t know if it will happen, and that’s the part that makes me anxious and nervous and sad.

I want it. Patience.

Patience and persistence will be key.

I think that was quite a blog post. Thanks for making it this far, lol… but I really should get back to work…