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I was so excited when my manager said to me this morning “you, you look like you’re tighter”!

I had to give her a hug!

She made my day. I had a rough commute into the city this morning (GOtransit was having signal issues, I had to drive down, got stuck in traffic, then had to search for parking, etc) and was dreading the day before it had even really begun.

I had been feeling a little more “light” than normal but I hadn’t really thought that you could see the changes. I’m curious to measure them out using a measuring tape. On the first day of the Smartest Loser program, the wellness coordinators measured all participants height, weight and waist circumference so I have some initial measurements to compare my progress with. I’m thinking of swinging by the wellness centre on Tuesday morning next week (it will be 2 weeks since the first measurement) to see my progress. I could do it myself but, like the researcher that I am, I want it to be from the same person and using the same measuring tape.

The Power90 workouts are still quite a challenge but I’m noticing minor improvements here and there, mostly with my form. Form was probably one of my biggest concerns with working out to an instructional DVD; that because the instructor isn’t there to correct your form you may hurt yourself. So far, if I pace myself and focus on form right now rather than pace, I think I’ll be fine.

Anyway, its quite late in the GTA right now (11:37pm). I just finished the P90 Sweat 1-2 workout and am going to grab a snack and hit the sheets.

Good night!