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With a high of 7 degrees Celsius, it was pretty darn cold today and the wind didn’t really help.

But for a cause, the boys and I put the flame on and had a BBQ in support of the 2012 10-Year Strong Weekend to End Women’s Cancers. My partner and I will be walking this year. It will be the first year for both of us.

Here are some pictures from this afternoon.

When you participate in the walk, you have the option of choosing which program within the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre you’d like to support with your fundraising. My partner and I have chosen to support The Survivorship Program.

And Buddy stopped by too:

What a cutie! He belongs to an older couple that came to shop at the Shoppers Drug Mart we were BBQing at and as soon as they left the car, he hopped into the drivers seat. Who da man?

Despite the cold we managed to make $202!

I want to thank the staff at Shoppers Drug Mart (where I work part-time), my partner and his brother, my brother, and all those who stopped by for a hot dog and to chat! THANK YOU!

In other exciting life news… THEY’RE HERE!! I picked up my Beachbody Power90 DVDs on Thursday night. I was so excited to have them, I was watching their shipping status on Canada Post and couldn’t wait to get off work to go and pick them up. I was too exhausted (my knees especially, were in a lot of pain) to actually do the workout on Thursday night and on Friday night I work at my part time job so I didn’t have the time to sweat it out.

Yesterday when I got home from the BBQ, I had an hour or so before my sister and brother-in-law were arriving for dinner. I did the cardio workout (sweat 1-2) and followed it up with the ab workout (ab ripper 100). I will be honest and didn’t push very hard. My knees were still a little bit sore from the smartest loser fitness test I did on Wednesday. My heart rate definitely went up and I did break a bit of a sweat.

I’m excited to see where this takes me over the course of the next 90 days. I learned yesterday that I don’t have very much strength in my arms and I lack coordination and balance. I took before pictures too. They made me quite sad, but maybe we can talk about that in another post.

I’ll leave you with my first impression of the Power90 Sweat 1-2 workout sequence:

  • It was only 35 minutes, including warm up and cool down!
  • The moves weren’t impossible but if you push they can be challenging.
  • Tony offered modifications for every move (except the yoga moves, which were of particular challenge for me).
  • Tony reassured you every 5 or so minutes that you shouldn’t feel obligated to follow their speed and intensity. I noticed I felt less anxious when I couldn’t keep up with them and he’d reassure me that its okay.
  • I read some reviews online about how Tony got irritating as people progressed through their 90 days… I didn’t find him annoying but I can definitely see that his sense of humour can get old.

I’m going to do the Sculpt 1-2 workout series tomorrow and I’ll let you know what I think.

Have a good night!