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Earlier this month I signed up for a workout and nutrition program offered to staff at my workplace. It is a “boot camp” that meets twice a week for 12 weeks and incorporates both nutrition education and a fitness curriculum. It is called Smartest Loser, and you’ll have the glorious honour of reading me blog about it…haha 😉 

On Tuesday we had our first meeting, a nutrition session. It was very introductory but included information on why diets fail and the importance of setting goals. (If you want to follow along, I can ask the instructor if I can blog in more detail about these sessions.) I’m really hoping these sessions give me the edge I need to make better eating habits. I have a strong health sciences background but lack the direction to even make use of the things I know about nutrition.

The nutrition session? That was easy.

Yesterday we had our second meeting, the fitness assessment.

That, well, was not so easy.

I felt great yesterday, a great sense of accomplishment, after the class. But today I’m really feeling it, especially in my legs and in my knees. I was chatting with a friend this morning on my way into work (she’s an aspiring yoga instructor) and she told me that debilitating pain is not good but soreness is. If I had to rate my pain it would probably be closer to debilitating pain rather than soreness. I’ll give my body the benefit of the doubt since I have been sedentary pretty much since my surgery in 2009 and hope that over time I’ll only experience the ‘healthy’ soreness from workouts.

The Smartest Loser fitness sessions are once a week and I want to supplement these workouts with something else during the week. I’ve been reading review after review after review on the Beachbody franchise of fitness DVDs and have purchased Power90 (the precursor to P90x). I’ve been tracking the DVDs on the Canada Post site and they’re ready for me to pick up this evening on my way home from work.

Will I be up for a workout tonight? I’m not sure, but I’ll let you know…